“Thank you for telling me it will all work out like you like it. Can I give you a hug?”

“I am soooo happy that I can say that LIKE YOU LIKE IT was my first show. It was great to be able to explore and understand one of Shakespeare's famous pieces through this new, fun show with catchy songs, hilarious lines, and unique, relate-able characters.”

“My personal experience in this show was eye-opening, and enjoyable. It really helped me see how life doesn't always go as planned, but nonetheless something good will come out of it even though you have to go through hard times.”

“I love this musical. It's comical and fun and touching and everything that I look for in great musicals. Friends that I told to come and see the show that aren't exactly "show people," loved this show because it is absolutely hilarious!!”

“My parents WILL NOT STOP singing the songs from the show and my friends and family absolutely loved it! My mom saw it 5 times and loved it more every time she saw it.”

“I really enjoyed costuming a more contemporary show than we have in the past. It gave us more freedom and more ways to play with the characters, that costumes from a different era would not have done.”

“It was one of the most fun shows I've ever done! The story was incredible, and the characters were so real and relatable, and the music was amazing. I'm definitely waiting for a guy to come serenade me with Orlando's ballad to Rosalind ”

“Since seeing Like You Like It (Cool for School Edition) at the Children's Musical Theatre Festival, I am still singing all the songs! What a great adaptation of a classic comedy- I hope to see another incarnation soon!”

“It was an awesome show to work on and I hope it can be performed over and over again!”

“One of the best experiences in my life!”

“I am sure this will be great in high schools across the country!”

“After spending a week with this show I cant get enough of it. I will never forget all these amazing songs.”

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